The Greatest Money Making e-Book

There are hundreds, if not thousands of books and courses that have been published on “How to make Money Online” and most of them are either incomplete, or just plain impossible for the beginner to profit from.

Now a typical scenario goes something like this: Go to which is free to join and has over 10,000 items to sell online. Pick out a good product and then go to Google and use Adwords to get targeted traffic (that means people looking for what you’re selling) and you’ll soon be rolling in the cash. I’m not saying that is wrong advice but I am saying that over 90% of the people that try that will lose money!

Start with the process of picking a good product to sell. How in the world are you supposed to do that? Most guides will tell you to look at the popularity of the product or its Gravity Rating so that you can see which products are selling and actually bringing in good money for other affiliates.

This is decent advice as a product that shows low gravity or very poor on the popularity scale has probably been tried by a lot of others before you that have already proven that it just doesn’t sell, so yes, it’s best that you also avoid it.

But now take one of the well-rated products that other affiliates are obviously making good money with and is a proven good seller…Is this something that will work for you? Probably not!

For example, there is a product out there called Google Assassin, (just using as an example – the same would be true of any of the good selling products). It is not the top ranked in its category but does show very good popularity and gravity scores – this is a product that is making money for its affiliates, no question about it.

Go to Google and type in Google Assassin and OMG there are over 2.7 million websites that are shown for that product in the search results. Now start clicking on some of those listings…that would be your competition should you choose to also try and sell this same product.

So enough of this What Not to Do – let’s get into what I promised you as a surefire way to start making money now and what you should do.

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